What, exactly, is ‘smart lighting’?

Smart lighting incorporates “smart” LED light bulbs that, simply put, contain software. This software connects to an app (or a smart-home assistant or other smart device) to do a number of things in your home, such as automate your lights; you can control your lights remotely. No more wall switches!

Instead of flipping a traditional light switch on and off, smart lighting lets you do a lot of other things with your lighting. While they’re still connected to power in your home, each smart bulb (remember; it contains software) and its connected LED luminaire can be controlled, wirelessly, via your phone, tablet, or smart assistant, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Pretty cool, huh? But, what kind of “other things” can it do?

  • Dim: You can dim smart LED lights via your app or other smart accessories; you don’t have to turn down any knobs.
  • Save: Smart LED light bulbs last longer and generate much less heat than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They use less energy, thus pay for themselves over time.
  • Connect: With your smart lighting and other connected devices (think cameras, audio equipment, thermostats, etc.) you can create an entirely smart home, controlling devices from your integrated apps and knowing the answer to that age-old question: “Did I leave the light on?”
  • Automate: Being so smart, LED bulbs can be configured singularly or as a group. Set timers to automatically turn off all the lights at a given time, or mimic being home by configuring lights to shut off one at a time.
  • Schedule: Set your smart lights to lower their output to a given setting every evening at the same time (read: “it’s bedtime!”) or set a timer to wake yourself up with more light after an hour-long nap.
  • Set the mood: Preset or customized “scenes” create lighting ambiance for any occasion. Want to relax? Go warm. Need some energy? Go cool. All you have to do is tap a button to set the tone for the time.

There’s little you can’t do with today’s smart lighting, and – best of all – as with any other technology, it’s becoming more affordable and convenient than ever.