Volt releases integrated LED bollard

Focusing on balanced illumination in bollard lighting, VOLT® has released a round-shaped version of the decorative bollard light. The new VOLT® Cypress Bollard Light is constructed of stainless steel and offers 360-degrees of continuous illumination. The integrated LED bollard light features a BuddyPro Cree® LED Puck Light and, when lit, projects a pattern of light and shadow.

The bollard measures 6.45 inches at the widest point at the top; 22.4 inches in height, and 5.9 inches at its base. Among its features:

• stainless steel construction with bronze electroplating finish
• a music-inspired pattern of light and shadow
• light output of 100 lumens
• ground stakes for installation
• 10-year warranty

Decorative area lights can be used in a variety of ways. Typically, they are:

• positioned in gardens for beautiful illumination on surrounding plants and vegetation.
• set at the corners of landscape features for area lighting (decks, patios, etc.).
• placed along walkways or entryways for path lighting.

Volt reminds consumers that decorative area lights project their patterns 360-degrees, downward and upward. With this in mind, it is important to consider locations near walls or other large surfaces to take full advantage of the artistic, geometric patterns.

NOTE: The image at the left indicates that the bollard is square; that is not an accurate illustration of the Cypress product, which is round.