New LED technology promises big changes ahead

Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced a new technology it believes will once again shake up the LED lighting market.

The technology is its single, light-emitting surface (LES), tunable-white, mid-power 3030 LED, unveiled in September of 2019. The NF2W757G-MT uses new patented technology to smoothly transition CCTs from 6,500K (Kelvin temperature) to 2,700K.

The upshot: superb color uniformity with high color quality; up to 90 CRI (color-rendering index) in the most popular CCTs, according to Nichia. The 2-in-1 tunable white 757 enables thinner, sleeker optical designs, eliminating the need for bulky mixing chambers and should provide luminaire manufacturers greater design and operational freedom to, in turn, give consumers greater LED lighting performance and color quality in a wider variety of lighting-product styles.

This technology, Nichia says, also allows customers and the industry to focus on the benefits of the light instead of just energy savings, which already far surpass that of traditional technologies.

Shinichi (Steve) Yuasa, Director, Executive General Manager of LED Sales and Marketing at Nichia Corporation, said, “Nichia is again about to deliver a new standard in LED technology. This technology isn’t a concept or prototype; this is a ground-breaking, game-changing reality which marks a significant advancement for luminaire manufacturers and the industry. Our 2-in-1 tunable white LED is well-placed to become a benchmark LED technology for the majority of luminaires to employ, with the scope to more easily enable HCL designs in the future.”

Nichia’s 2-in-1 LED allows for elegant color-tuning and mixing because everything is under a single LES. Currently, luminaire manufacturers must use two LEDs in side-by-side to achieve color-tuning. This creates unwanted optical distributions and visual effects while also limiting the lumen output that can be achieved in a single luminaire. Now, luminaire manufacturers can achieve the performance they need by integrating Nichia’s 2-in-1 LED.