Ketra launches new home-lighting system

LED lighting manufacturer Ketra has launched a new lighting system that consists of a new software platform that connects Ketra light sources to Lutron controls; it includes retooled technology in each light source. Ketra’s promise: the industry’s most advanced lighting for upscale homes via a series of new capabilities.

A system of light sources and controls, the new portfolio of lighting communicates through a new software platform to control the color and intensity of up to 200 light sources. Says Ketra, “The software offers a more responsive, personalized and smoother control experience than its previous iteration. What’s more, voice and smart device control make it easy to adjust lights to consumer preferences.”

Ketra was purchased by Lutron Electronics in April 2018; this new system is called a reflection of the two companies’ shared expertise: Lutron’s controls and shading solutions, and Ketra’s lighting products. Ketra prides itself on its products’ ability to mimic sunlight and transform “how people experience light.”

The new portfolio of products offers consumers the ability, Ketra says, to transform interior design, create ambiance and enhance visual elements via better-quality lighting.