Lighting features

Managing energy matters

The energy that’s used to power your home lighting comes at a cost. Take steps to reduce that line item of your budget and to minimize your carbon footprint. It’s easy to do and can even be fun!

Lighting as added value when selling

Forget the pool or man-cave. Invest in updating your home’s lighting and focus on natural daylight to reap those financial rewards when it comes time to sell your home.

Achieve your lighting goals

Planning your home lighting during construction or renovation can make all the difference in enjoying your home. Where to start: make it “comfortable, easily controlled and energy efficient.”

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A bright, comparative review…

A bright, comparative review…

Website takes a thorough and possibly surprising look at smart light switches vs. smart light bulbs.

What exactly is ‘smart lighting’?

What exactly is ‘smart lighting’?

Smart lighting incorporates “smart” LED light bulbs that, simply put, contain software. This software connects to an app or other smart device to do a number of things in your home.