LED strip lights provide lighting versatility

As its name suggests, an LED strip light is a long, narrow and flexible circuit board covered with LEDs on one side. With an adhesive backing on the other side, you can stick the strip light almost anywhere you want to add uplighting, downlighting or backlighting.

Among the features of the LED strip light:

• They can be cut to the length you want, so they’re highly flexible.
• The strong adhesive backing is peel-and-stick.
• They’re available in waterproof versions, and you can customize your strips by choosing LED colors, widths, LED brightness, dimmability, and more.

Standard LED strip lights can be used as object backlights, along stairways or handrails for added safety, under cabinets and/or toe kicks, and along decorative room cornices or tray ceilings. Waterproof versions can be used outdoors in gardens, on decking and in pools and aquariums. Their use is limited only by your imagination!