An outside review…

An exhaustive look at whether it’s wise to invest in smart light switches or smart light bulbs, this very thorough and possibly surprising review by Mat at provides wiring charts (note: in the UK) and important words of caution. Click here to see this impressive, user-friendly research that’s relevant on both sides of the pond, even if the wiring differs a bit.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sometimes, you would like to use a dimming circuit. These smart switches not only have to support the dimming option but have to be used with a compatible (and often more expenisve) light bulb. Dimming switches can come in multi-gang flavours and as such the rules from above apply too.

“If you attempt to use an incompatible lightbulb, it will often flicker, it can lock itself in on or off position or in some circumstances the light will dim down but won’t turn off.”